The First Reusable Garment Company

In the early 1950s, Jonas Edward Salk made history with the discovery and development of the world’s first successful polio vaccine, arguably the biggest successful public health initiative in American history. During the same time period, another member of the Salk family set out to forever change the lives of those suffering from incontinence by creating the world’s first reusable, protective textile products. Now a third generation family owned business with more than one hundred combined years of experience in the industry, Salk continues to create products today that are changing the world in the medical field.

A Beautiful New Beginning

There is a stigma attached to wearing a diaper. And most people are embarrassed to use incontinence products. While we can’t control medical conditions, we can control social conditions. And there’s a beautiful new beginning on the horizon. Our line of washable, reusable incontinence products, combined with the wealth of information available in our incontinence facts and resources, brings the darkness of incontinence to light. It’s time to regain your comfort and confidence.

Our Mission

Salk promises a smart, sensible, stigma-free alternative to disposable products. Easy to deal with and more readily available than reusable products, disposables make up about 90% of the market. Most people don’t even know reusable products exist. We understand part of the challenge is to educate influencers including nurses and hospital discharge staff about the advantages of Salk’s reusable line of products. Our reusable products are more economical and greener than disposables. Our mission is to let the world know.