It’s hard to feel secure when you’re worried about embarrassing odors. Powered by HaloShield® — a special coating offering advanced antimicrobial protection — HaloShield® odor control incontinence products eliminate unpleasant odors so that if you have an “accident,” no one will know but you.

HaloShield® works by binding the chlorine molecules found in ordinary household chlorine bleach with our highly absorbent materials. Once “charged,” our HaloShield® products kill 99.9% of all odor-causing bacteria within seconds of contact. Simply wash with chlorine bleach and leave worry behind.

Discover HaloShield technology in our Women’s Panties, Men’s Briefs and Odor-Control Underpads. And get ready to stop making excuses.

Go out with friends or family. Get out of the house. Enjoy freedom from odors and embarrassment. Stay social with HaloShield®.