HaloShield Odor-Control Underpads

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HaloShield Underpads kill 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria on contact. Eliminates unpleasant, embarrassing odors. Ultrasoft moisture-wicking top layer keeps users dry. Super absorbent inner layer quickly traps fluids. 100% waterproof protection for bedding and chairs. Non-irritating for sensitive skin. 100% waterproof protection. 

Note: Product must be washed with chlorine bleach prior to use to activate the odor control technology.

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The HaloShield odor control underpad is a fresh solution for incontinence odor.  The patented odor-eliminating technology kills 99.9% of odor-causing germs and bacteria on contact and can be recharged by using a small amount of Chlorine Bleach when laundering.  This reusable odor control underpad eliminates the odor, embarrassment and hassle that accompany incontinence.  A major development in antimicrobial protection, these underpads are ideal for adding an extra layer of protection to bedding and chairs.  This underpad is available in 5 sizes.

  • Ultra-soft layers won’t irritate sensitive skin
  • An economic and eco-friendly alternative to disposables
  • Protection guaranteed by a moisture-wicking top layer and super absorbent inner layer
  • Underpad dimensions are approximate


Note: Product must be washed with bleach prior to use to activate the odor control technology.

Purchase 3/pack and save $10 instantly!

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